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How To Recover IPhone Account Password?

Apple Inc and its devices have been the talk of the town regarding its prices, services, appearances etc. ever since its products are launched. From mobiles devices to laptops, this company is one of the major competition in the market. From many unique features of its devices, one of the known ones is Apple ID.

All the apple users are aware that without creating the Apple account one cannot use any of Apple product. Hence, Apple ID plays a very integral part in all Apple products. If in case you forgot Apple ID then you will not be able to log into your device. And in case, you are sailing the same boat then you can read further to know how to recover your Apple ID or iPhone account password to be precise.

Learn How To Recover Apple ID

  • Launch the web browser and go to Apple ID account page.
  • Tap on “Forgot Apple ID or Password” option from the login page.
  • Then enter your Apple account ID which you want the recover and select the option to reset your password.
  • If you want to recover by answering security question then tap on “Answer Security Question” option and the question will be displayed in front of you.
  • Answer the question correctly and allow some time to get the answer verified from Apple server.
  • When the answer is correct, you can be allowed to reset your password and recover the account.

Require Assistance? Contact Apple Support

Further, if you have any issues then you can contact iPhone account recovery number which is available 24/7 at your service.

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How do I contact Apple security ?

Replied by: Admin

Apple Inc has introduced quite admirable products that are ruling in the market in one or other form. With many products introduced, sometime these products might not be working well. And keeping this in mind, Apple introduced a customer support team to resolve all the issue that user face while using Apple products.

All the Apple users may contact the Apple community to get the issues resolved. These issues might be as mentioned below:


  • Forgot the passcode and unable to unlock the phone.
  • Unable to change Apple ID password.
  • If you have forgotten Apple Id password

And several other issues can be encountered by Apple users. And if you are thinking How do I contact Apple Security then you need not worry as it has been listed below.

List of ways to Contact Apple Community:

In order to get your issues resolved, the Apple user can contact

  • By making a call on Apple helpline number: This is the toll-free number which is available for 24 hours all 7 days so that one can contact any time.
  • By marking an email: In case the issue is long then one can even write to the Apple community which will provide you with a satisfactory resolution.

Do you still have a concern? Get in touch with Apple Support anytime

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