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Outlook is basically an email domain that is offered by Microsoft so as to exchange emails with one another. With the use of Outlook email domain, people can create their account on it and further can access their email account for receiving and sending emails. But, before using Outlook account, the user needs to create their account on it and then only they’ll be able to access their Outlook email account. Therefore, to get more details on this, the user can get connected with the outlook technical support team members and can seek all the required details. Also, there are times when the user face lots of technical queries while accessing their Outlook email account and for which the technical team comes to the rescue. The issues that the user's face requires the best solutions as those are technical and any wrong solution can increase the complexity of it. So, mentioned below are some of the major technical queries of Outlook email account:

  • Outlook email account sign-in issues.
  • Email configuration issues.
  • Setting up Outlook email account on any android device issues.
  • Resetting of the Outlook email account password issues.
  • Recovering the old password issues.
  • Issues in the server settings of Outlook email account.
  • Issues of blocked and hacked Outlook email account.
  • Issues in changing the username of Outlook email address.
  • Issues in the deleting of Outlook email account.

How to fix the topmost Outlook issues?

Explore the keys to resolve topmost Outlook issues. If we consider the frequency of matters registered, we get these four issues; i.e., Outlook not responding, how to change Outlook password, Outlook SMTP settings for iPhone, and Outlook not working; among the top positions. A limited number of portals have discussed their solutions. So, we have come with the solution of all four problems.

Outlook not responding issues:-

Close Outlook and start it in safe mode if it gives you a message as [Processing]. Close it then and start it normally after a minute. It will settle down the problem. Are you finding this method critical? Just go to the next section and find the steps.

  • Close Outlook if it is open
  • Launch the START menu and type Outlook.exe/safe
  • Press the ENTER key to open Outlook in safe mode
  • Now you are urged to Close Outlook
  • Start it normally
  • Probably you have resolved your problem

What if the mentioned steps are unable to solve your problem? Talk to the experts by dialing Outlook phone number which is friendly and consistently resolving the issues raised by Outlook account users. The concerned number is actually backed by highly skilled tech support engineers.

How to change Outlook password?

Changing Outlook passwords are essential for you if you are a security-focused person. You can do it once in a couple of months. Have you remembered the steps? Go for it if you have not changed your Outlook password from last few months and remembered the steps. Follow the given process if you have forgotten some of the crucial steps of how to change Outlook password.

  • Open OUTLOOK; click on the FILE option
  • Click ACCOUNT SETTINGS again and highlight the targeted account
  • Click on CHANGE
  • You will get the chance to enter your new password
  • Click Finish to save the changes

Changing the password on your Outlook data (.pst) file requires a different approach. To do this, you need to open Outlook and right click on your mail account. Hence, you will need to select DATA FILE PROPERTIES, click ADVANCED, and CHANGE PASSWORD. Plus, you are suggested to change your password if you have an Exchange account. We will discuss the solution of Outlook not working in the next paragraph.

Outlook not working issues:-

  • Press [Windows + E] and open WINDOWS FILE EXPLORER
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16 then
  • Open SCANPST.EXE to move the process forward
  • Click on BROWSE
  • Now you need to select a the.PST file you want to scan
  • Click on START to check the backup of scanned file
  • Click on REPAIR then
  • End up the repair process by hitting the OK button
  • A successful repair will fix your problem

Outlook SMTP settings for iPhone:-

Make sure that the SSL is off if you want to configure your Outlook SMTP settings for iPhone. The authentication has to be configured as PASSWORD, and the Outgoing Mail Server Port has to be configured as 587. Click on DONE and configure Outlook SMTP settings. Something is wrong if it doesn’t VERIFY these settings. It could be the wrongly typed password. Type it again if you think that the typed password is wrong.

Outlook Support Phone Number:-

Hence, for all these above-mentioned issues there are troubleshooting methods for solving it. But, the best way to avail the solutions is to contact the technicians on their outlook tech support phone number. This particular number is available all day for 24 hours and the technical representatives active on this phone lines are trained in providing all the answers. Furthermore, whenever the user faces any the issue, they should directly dial this number and should communicate with the technical executives.

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