Change Phone Number On Google Account

Get The Phone Number Changing Procedure For Your Google Account

Sometimes, a Google user requires to change their phone number that has been linked to the Google account. And in such cases, the user can change phone number on Google account by doing a few simple steps. Additionally, to make the task easier, this post will provide you a step by step manual to change the phone number.

Simple Steps To Change The Phone Number On Google Account

  • At first, you should visit the My Account page of Google.
  • If you have signed in to your Google account, then, click on the Personal Info section.
  • Otherwise, log in to your Google and do the same.
  • Further, you need to click on the Contact Info and select the Phone option.
  • After that, you have to choose the "Add a recovery phone to help keep your account secure." option.
  • Thereafter, you need to select the country code and change phone number on Google account and click on the save option.
  • Also, if you want to update your number, you should click on the edit option and update the number.
  • Furthermore, adjacent to your phone number click on the Delete Number in order to delete the phone number.

Besides, if you find any difficulty while doing the above steps, you may contact the customer service team to get assistance to change phone number on Google account. The customer service is accessible around the clock hence you will be able to change number at any time.

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