Connect Lexmark Printer To a WiFi Router

Trying to connect Lexmark printer to Wi-Fi router but failed? Know the instructions to fix:

Lexmark is a top technical device in the sphere of the printer machine. These days, it is coming with the numerous facilities and features to manage its printing service. When it comes to the Lexmark Printer, you can have the multiple functions like scanning, photo copy, networking option and much more. All these services are necessarily important for entire who users who want to perform their multiple tasks at a time.

Lexmark printer has the best quality of printing and this is why it quite capable of offering the printing service while connecting to the network device. If you are one of them striving to connect your Lexmark Printer to Wi-Fi networking device but despite tried many times you got failed and now you are not able to fix such issue, you must get in touch with its technician who resolves the issue in a very short span of the time. See how it works,

Following are the steps when unable to connect your Lexmark Printer to Wi-Fi router listed below:

  • Connect printer device beforehand with a computer and then go to the settings of the computer.
  • Select control panel and then check out the device and printer option and even check out the Wi-Fi networking router.
  • Go to the URL address bar and type http//: to check router device.
  • Enter the user name under the SSID refers as the network name and then go to the Wireless mode.
  • Click on the channels and keep it as a by default settings and go for the security method.
  • Enter the WAP key and then include the security and check mark yes option for the security.
  • Enter the authentication type and then go to the network for LAN or WAN option.
  • Now click on the install button to connect Wi-Fi router select the Wireless connection.
  • Click on the advanced settings and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Having done the tasks click on the done button at the end of the procedure.

If needs any other assistance with the Lexmark Printer device you are required to get in touch with tech support service which available for all the time to provide help to its users.

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