Fix Imap Gmail Com Is Not Responding

Know About The Fixes of Not Responding

For the setup of Gmail, server settings of IMAP or SMTP is required. With these settings, Gmail account can be accessed on any device. IMAP is the protocol used for reading out the messages in Gmail account. In some cases, the user face issues related to IMAP server unable to access Gmail account.

How to fix the issue of IMAP in Gmail

The IMAP issue can be faced on any device i.e. android or iPhone on which Gmail is compatible. In order to fix is not responding, a user try out refreshing the emails.

If does not work out, below mentioned steps can be followed:

  • First and basic step is to check the internet connectivity. The internet connection should be fast to use Gmail service. Proper internet might resolve the issue.
  • In case of Wi-Fi connection, the user is required to check Wi-Fi restrictions. By changing the settings of Wi-Fi, issue might get resolved.
  • The user needs to ensure that correct credentials of account are entered.
  • If the issue is not resolved, the user can try removing Gmail application from the device.
  • The user can try changing IMAP server settings to any other server.
  • In case, SSL is disabled, IMAP will not work. So, it is important to check and enable the security component.
  • The applications might be outdated and not compatible for proper working. So, the latest version of Gmail should be installed in the device.
  • The issue might get resolved by sending an email to user’s own account as it will force the modules to work properly.

Any of the above mentioned can be used for troubleshooting as per suitability.

Enabling IMAP in Gmail account

  • If a user wants to enable IMAP settings in Gmail account, below mentioned steps can be followed:
  • First step is to go to settings and then click main menu.
  • Then, Accounts menu is clicked and then the account having issue is selected.
  • Now, delete menu is selected and again select mail option.
  • After that, account settings menu is clicked and then add account label.
  • Finally the email provider is selected and then sign-in.

If still there is any query, Google technical support can be contacted. The executives in the support will assist the users with the best possible solutions. To reach them, the contact details provided on Google’s official page can be used.

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