How to fix Google Play Store Not Working?

How do you fix Google Play store?

Today smartphone has been the necessity for everyone. Use of Android phones has increased rapidly in the last few years. If you are an android user, you need to login to Google Play Store with your Google account. You have everything to download in the Google Play Store. It is the place from where you can download and install various applications free of cost or by paying its amount.

Earlier known as Android Market, Google Play Store has a bunch of applications for your personal use as well as professional use. It is default program installed on each android device. It offers applications based on music, movies, software, magazines, and books. Although millions use Google Play Store, some might face issues with Play Store. To tackle these issues, you must call on Google play store toll free number and talk with support executive for a quick resolution.

Fix Issues with Google Play Store:-

There may be lots of issues that need technical support. A user needs to contact the support team on the Google play store toll free number.

  • Google play store crash or stopped working
  • Unable to update Play Store
  • Play Store not opening
  • Apps not getting downloaded
  • Apps not responding

Troubleshooting the Google Play Store:-

If Google Play Store stops working or it is not responding then it is the most frustrating situation an android user can face. You are unable to use any of the installed application on your android device. It requires lots of efforts to fix the issue but tech support available through Google Play Store Phone number can minimize the effort to fix the problem.

How to fix Google Play Store Not Working?

  • Tap on “Settings” and click on “Apps”.
  • Look for “Google Play Store” and tap on it.
  • Once it is opened, tap on “Clear cache”.
  • Tap on “Force stop” option.
  • Now again look for “Manage Search Data” in the application folder.
  • Search for “Google Services Framework” and tap on it.
  • Tap on “Clear Data”.
  • Tap on “Force Stop” option.
  • Reboot your android device.


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