How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player On Chrome

Get The Easy Procedure To Unblock Adobe Flash Player On Chrome

Adobe Flash Player is a well known and widely users computer software that provides reliable services for accessing Flash content like viewing multimedia contents, streaming audios and video, and executing rich Internet applications. Adobe provides outstanding customer support service that can be easily accessed by the uses, in case of any query.

Some earlier versions of Chrome had the feature of automatically allow Flash to run Flash contents but the newly released versions have eliminated this option.

In order to access Flash on Chrome, you need to permit access and unblock Adobe Flash Player on chrome. It is not a cumbersome task and you can easily unblock Adobe flash player with the help of enlisted steps

Here are the simple steps in light of unblocking Adobe Flash Player on chrome:

If you are seeking easy and accurate steps for how to unblock adobe flash player on Chrome, read along to end your search.

  • Launch the Google Chrome program and tap on the three flat lines. From the drop-down menu select the choice of Settings and tap on it.
  • Doing so will open the Settings tab on another page. Look down and move to the Advanced option for the additional menu.
  • Tap on the Content Setting option that is given close to the Privacy and security button and after that tap on the Flash option.
  • Proceeding with the process, tap the button “Block sites from running flash” and in case the switch is already blue before tapping the option then it reflects that Flash player was enabled in the Chrome.
  • Chrome does not play flash content by itself and that’s why users need to tap “Click to enable Flash” link given on the Flash content window.
  • Afterward, hit the allows the button to play the Flash content.

Additionally, users are provided the feature to unblock flash on a specific site if you have blocked it earlier. For this service, users are required to find that particular site from the Block list and need to tap the three horizontal lines. After that, click on the Remove button and doing so will make you able to access flash content on that site.

Along these steps, you can easily unblock Flash substance on the Chrome.

If you are confronting any minor or major issue during the process then you can easily avail assistance from the customer service team. The assistants remain active round the clock to provide instant help to the customers.

Also, users can resolve their issue over the phone just by dialing the helpline number.

How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player On Mac?

Adobe flash player is software developed by Adobe basically used for all multimedia related work. While browsing internet, if you visit any website one can use adobe flash for opening flash based content related to any video or graphics. If you are a Mac user and in case Adobe flash gets blocked and stops working then you can easily unblock flash player on Mac.

Therefore in order to unblock flash one can follow below steps.

  • Steps to unblock Adobe Flash in Mac:
  • Tap and open Safari and then click on preferences
  • Now tap on website tab and then plug in section. Now look for adobe flash entry
  • Tap on check box to enable flash player
  • Enable settings of using Flash player if you are using other websites
  • Select for the website to use and tap for ask, on, off accordingly.
  • Once done Configuring flash player you can take exit from Preferences.

Note that there are different steps for different versions of Mac’s operating devices. You can choose your version and follow steps accordingly. And can enable your adobe flash by following above steps. Also in case of further issues or queries while unblocking adobe flash one can reach out to apple support team for more assistance.


Jul 26, 2019


From many days i had faced this issue on my chrome. Through your procedure to unblock adobe flash player i had successfully recover my flash player. Thanks..

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