iTunes Not Working On iPhone

iTunes is basically the media player by the well-known company i.e apple inc. It also works as the media library, online radio broadcaster, and the application for the mobile device management. So if we consider any apple device then the store for downloading the music files and management of the music files is done by the iTunes app. It is the service which is used by the devices operating on the macros and the Windows operating system, or by iPhones, iPads etc.

Itunes store consists of various features like:-

Media management -

Here we can manage our audio data by creating one or more library, the i.e user can even edit file information or can record compact disc into this store. It can also be used by the user for the purpose of downloading free podcasts and for purchasing the music and audio files from the inbuilt store of the iPhone or iPad.

Attractive music files management-

iTunes comes with some alluring features when it comes to managing the music files. It also tracks your playlist and automatically keeps a track of your songs by creating a virtual library which also holds the information regarding the singer or genre of the songs in the playlist.

Supports various file format-

iTunes supports different file format i.e it can read, write and between various file formats like MP3, AIFF, AAC etc.

Library sharing and viewing-

Here the iTunes library has got a feature under which a person can share the library on the network by the use of the DAAP protocol produced by the company. Here the user can manage or store their files as per desire.

In case a person cannot cope up with the advanced features of the iTunes and he can contact iTunes customer service for help.

Amid the process, if you got stuck, then you can take the experts’ advice by dialing on the iTunes Toll Free Number. The number is accessible 24*7, so you can make a call anytime for the quick assistance.



Jul 17, 2019


Thanks for letting us know so many procedures to iTunes password recovery. My account is locked due to my fault and its easily recover.

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