recover deleted gmail account after 30 days

How to Recover Deleted Google Account After 30 Days

Have you deleted your Google account and it’s been than 30 days and now, you wish to recover that particular account? Unfortunately, one cannot recover their Google account after 30 days of account deletion. However, user can contact Google support to look out for the alternative options available for Google account recovery.

However, if it’s not been more than 30 days after Google account deletion, you can easily recover the account by opting Google account recovery process or contacting Gmail customer service number.

Google Account Recovery Process:

  • For recovering Google account, open Google account recovery page.
  • Provide your Google ID for the deleted account.
  • And then, click on the Next button to proceed with the recovery process.
  • Further, you will be prompted to enter the enter the last password of your account.
  • In case, if you don’t remember the password, simply request for a recovery code.
  • Thereafter, provide a code when prompted and verify your account.
  • And once, your account is verified, you will be provided with a link to reset your account.
  • Then, create a new password for your Google account and save the same by clicking on Save button.

Besides, if the user still have any queries regarding the account query, they can feel free to contact Google support for help.

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