Reset Apple Id Password on iPhone

Steps to Reset Apple ID Password on IPhone

For an iPhone user, apple ID is everything while operating the phone for various activities such as shopping in iTunes store, signing-in to iCloud, purchasing an app and many more things.

In case a user forgets the password of apple ID, then it can be easily recovered using the recovery steps. To get the password, user must know the email address of Apple ID. For recovering the password, Apple account password recovery process can be used which is as follows:

Two-factor authentication

  • Using this method, the password can be reset from any trusted Apple device. On the Apple devices, Settings option is clicked and then password & security will take the user to Change password option.
  • On any Mac device, System preferences is tapped to get the option of Forgot Apple ID or password and then in Security, password reset is clicked.
  • If the user is unable to access of the Apple devices, the user needs to open the Find my iPhone app. On the Sign-in screen, Apple ID field must be left blank and then onscreen steps are followed to reset the password.
  • The technical support can also be contacted for assistance by dialing Apple support number.

Email, password and security questions

  • The user is required to visit the Apple ID account page in the browser and click link of Forgot Apple ID or password.
  • After that the Apple ID of the user is asked which is entered in the field.
  • Then, the option is selected to reset the password and then Continue.
  • The suitable option can be selected as per convenience using alternate email, security question or recovery key.

Two step verification

  • The Apple ID account page is visited and the Forgot Apple ID or password link is clicked.
  • If the user is asked to confirm the phone number, then the steps involved in two-step verification can be used.
  • In the next step, the user is asked to enter the Apple ID and then suitable option is clicked and Continue is tapped.
  • Then, the recovery key for verification is entered to proceed further.
  • A trusted device is chosen for future reference and a verification code is received on that device.
  • The verification code is entered in the blank field.
  • The new password is created and then the reset password is clicked to have the new password.

Once the Apple password reset on iPhone, the user needs to sign-in again to check whether the password is working or not.

To know more about the Apple services, the technical support can be contacted and the info is given on the Apple website.

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