Reset PayPal Account Password

Reset PayPal Password With Following Simple Steps!

If you have a PayPal account but there is a login issue, then, you can resolve this issue by resetting password of PayPal account, then, you can go through the following procedure to reset PayPal password:

1. Visit the PayPal website.

2. On the PayPal website, click on Forgot Password.

3. Once you click on Forgot Password, you are required to provide email address of the account that you need to recover.

4. PayPal password can be recovered in following three ways:

> Through phone number

> Through email address

> through security questions

5. Enter the phone number on the account recovery page. Make sure that the

phone number that you are entering on the account recovery page is still in use

as an SMS with code is sent on the phone number.

6. Enter the code that has been sent on the phone number on the account recovery


7. Follow the on screen instruction to recover your account.

8. Another procedure that you can adopt to reset the password is use the alternate

email address.

9. Enter the alternate email address on the account recovery page.

10. A mail with link to recover the account is sent to the alternate mail address.

11. Click on the link in the mail to recover the account.

12. Enter the new password and re -enter it and make the combination of small letters,

capital letters, symbols and numbers.

13. Another procedure that you can adopt to recover your account is security questions.

You are required to provide exact answer of the question as that you had during account creation. Use the above procedure to recover the account. If you need assistance, then, you can contact the customer care. Customer care executives are available round the clock.

Reset the password and use the PayPal account as before.

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