Unable to Sync Photos to iPhone

Follow these steps to solve photos not syncing to iphone issues !!

Iphone as we all are aware are the best mobile devices of todays time that allows its users to save and sync their photos and other multimedia files to other devices. But there are times when the users face issues in the syncing and complaints that their photos are not being able to sync to their iphone devices. This issue can occur because of various reasons but there are solutions for this as well.
So, whenever the users are unable to sync their photos to iphone they can simply sync it with the itunes manually with the following steps that are mentioned below. The syncing steps should be followed correctly so that no further problems are faced by the users.

Steps to sync photos manually with itunes are :

  • Firstly, the users need to check whether they have the new and the latest version of itunes or not.
  • If it is not the latest version then the users should download the latest one but if it is the latest then they are required to open itunes on their iphone.
  • The users then are needed to use the USB cable and should further connect their iphone with their computers.
  • Now, the users will see a mobile like icon on the itunes, which they need to select.
  • Then, select on the box that is given beside the sync photos option.
  • Then, select on the box that is given beside the sync photos option.
  • Now from the sync the users need to select on the older or file from which photos are to be synced.
  • Select on all photos or selected photos that needs to be synced.
  • Once the photos are selected, click on apply and save the changes.

Hence, these are the steps that the users are required to follow so as to solve the photo sync issues with iphone. These steps should be carried out very carefully so that the users don’t face any more issues while they sync their photos.

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