Google Factory Reset Protection

How to make Google Factory Reset Protection:

We all have used Google or know about it. Google is one of the leading and most popular web search engine in the world. It constitutes more than 60% market in the search engine field. Apart from that Google has diversified its portfolio in various Internet and service domains like emailing, blogging, apps, cloud storage and so forth becoming tech titans of the Industry. In order to use the services of the Google and their associated product, User needs to create an account on the Google. 

Billions of User across the various Google platform is a testimony of the fact that Google was able to win the consumer trust over the course of time. But there is a certain problem does face by the Google user, some of the common problem faced by the Google users are, Google not working, Google account not opening and Lost the Password of Google account. But one of the common problem faced by the Google is How to use or make Google factory Reset protection. Primarily Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security method that was designed to make protect your data in case of any security breaches. In order to do so, User can take the assistance from the Google support phone number or follow these simple procedures:

  • In order to do so, User needs to open your device settings and then remove the security or the lock screen, which is not basically a key step.
  • Afterward, the user needs to delete all the Google accounts associated with the phone or tablet. For that go to the settings and then select or look for a section labeled account and make sure to select the account and then look for a delete or remove options, which exist in the three little dots in the top corner of the screen.
  • Now Tap on the Menu icons in the email account and click on the Remove account button.
  • Read the warning and tap on the remove account in order to confirm it.
  • Once you remove the account then the user can factory reset their phone.

In Spite of that, If the user faces any problem related to the factory settings, it’s better to take the assistance from the Google help desk number. They have a highly qualified technical support team which will make sure that all your concerns should be noted down and proper and effective measures will be provided to the user in no time. They work 24*7/365 to listen to all their customer grievances and thus helped in providing an effective solution to their customer.

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