Icloud Account Recovery Number

How to Recover ICloud Account Password?

If you are using iCloud app then you must be aware of the fact that to access iCloud account, you need to provide iCloud ID and password that is also your Apple account ID and password. If you have forgotten either of the then you will not be able to use iCloud service. Further the process to recover iCloud account in case of forgotten iCloud ID and password is explained below in detail.

Steps for iCloud account recovery if iCloud ID is forgotten:

  • Go to the iCloud account login page and select Forgot Apple ID or password option
  • In the trouble signing in page you have to enter Apple ID but as you don’t remember your Apple ID click the option look it up
  • In the new page you have to provide some information to find your Apple ID that is your email address, first name and last name
  • Input the information and click continue
  • If you provide the correct information about your Apple account, then Apple will show you the ID of your Apple account
  • Steps for iCloud password reset in case password is forgotten:
  • Launch your web browser and open iforgot.apple.com
  • Once iforgot.apple.com site is opened type your Apple account ID
  • Choose I need to reset my Apple ID password
  • Now select anyone from the options get an email and answer security question
  • If you click get an email, then apple will send a password reset link mail to the email address you have linked with your Apple account
  • Access you email and open the password reset mail you have received from Apple
  • Password reset link will take you to a new page where you have to create a new password for your Apple account
  • Go for answer security question if you are not able to access your email
  • Click answer security question and type your date of birth then a new page will open where you have to answer your security question
  • Provide correct answer for your security question and then password reset page will open
  • Type a new password using strong alphanumeric combo
  • Type same password once again and tap reset password button

How to Recover ICloud Account with Two Factor Authentication?

  • Visit iforgot.apple.com and provide your Apple ID
  • To reset iCloud password, choose any one
  • Reset from another device
  • Use trusted phone number
  • Click use trusted phone number Apple will send a password reset notification in your phone number. Follow the instructions to reset password
  • Click reset from another device and go to the settings of your Apple device to reset password

How to Set Up ICloud Email On Android?

What can be possibly done if your account is on iCloud and you want to shift to android? Anyways, it is easy to do so. Migrating from iCloud to android is easier and you can easily set up your account in android. For this, you just have to enter the right port information and server.

Read The Process of Setting Up ICloud Email on Android

  • If the user doesn’t know about how to set Up ICloud Email On Android, then these below-mentioned steps can be followed.
  • The first step is to go to your apps and open the email app on the android device. tap on menu, then settings and click on Add account.
  • On the next screen, enter the username and the password of your iCloud account. Tap on the manual setup.
  • Then, choose the type of your account and choose between POP3, IMAP and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts.
  • You then have to set the information of the outgoing and incoming server. This is the trickiest as it requires specific information. You have to enter different servers and ports and enter all the details related to that.
  • You are now almost done with the process. Now you just have to set up your account options. You can set the sync schedule and peak schedule. The four options that you have to choose are “Sync Email”, “Send email from this account by default”, “Notify me when email arrives”, “Automatically download attachments when connected to Wi-Fi”. You just have to choose according to your preference and click on Next.

This is how you can set your account from iCloud to android. These steps are easy to use and can be taken easily.

How to Recover Apple ICloud Account Without Phone Number?

I Cloud is an important feature supported by apple devices that is basically made to store data like pictures, music or any documents that you are not using as of now and can be stored till you don’t need it. As an apple user, it’s very common to forget password of any account like I cloud. It’s totally normal to panic once you lose password but we can easily recover it through various methods. But if you don’t have any recovery information like number then you can follow below steps for icloud account recovery.

Steps to recover I cloud account without phone number:

  1. Navigate to the link for apple account recovery
  2. Once you have entered the username, tap on forgot password
  3. Next enter your apple Id and code given in the box below
  4. You will be asked to choose one option to recover your password. You can choose mail or security questions if you don’t have phone number
  5. If you choose security questions, then answer all the questions correctly and once verified you will be re directed to password reset page
  6. Enter your new password; confirm it and you are done.

Hence you are done with the steps of recovering I cloud password regarding any query one can reach out to apple customer support.

How to Recover the iCloud Password without Using Email? 

If somehow iCloud users can't remember their account login password, they cannot access its services. Though, Apple grants account recovery opportunity, which helps users to favorably reset a new password. This account recovery of iCloud is possible with registered email or security question. Those who have authorized two-step verification in their iCloud account can recover it further via a trusted phone number. When iCloud users can't access their registered email, they can use the other available recovery options. Hence, the recovery steps for the iCloud password without using email are given below.

Recover the iCloud Password Through Trusted Number

  • Open web page of Apple and press forgot password link
  • Next, type the account ID and move to recovery options
  • Select trusted number tab and press continue button
  • Then you will receive password reset link in your trusted number from Apple
  • Next, open the link and follow the screen instructions
  • Finally, you will be directed to password reset window
  • Now create new password for your iCloud account

Recover the iCloud Password Through Security question

  • Go to Apple recovery page, and input your account ID
  • Hit continue button, and choose password reset link
  • On next page you have to select security question tab
  • Hereafter, enter your birth date first, then move next
  • You will see your security question on the next window
  • Now provide accurate answer to your security question
  • Submit you answer to let Apple verify your account first
  • Then you will be moved to the password reset window
  • Now enter new iCloud password and store for later use

Hence, you can undoubtedly recover iCloud password, even without using email. Aside from this, you can get guidance from the customer team of Apple. The technical expert from Apple support will surely provide proper assistance towards the successful recovery of the iCloud password.

How to Recover iCloud ID without Security Questions?

Do you wish to recover iCloud ID, but don't remember the correct answers to your security questions? Apple provides a few other ways , which can help in such a situation. If you want to know them, you are in the most trustworthy platform. The recovery for an iCloud ID is achievable through email, whereas two-step validated customers can also perform this task using a trusted number. Hence, the exact procedure to recover an iCloud account without a security question is as explained below.

Using Trusted Device

  • Open the web link of iCloud, and click forgot password
  • Then enter your iCloud ID, and press continue button
  • Next you have to choose your iCloud trusted device
  • Hit continue and you will receive a password reset link from Apple in your trusted device
  • Now open the link, and follow the given instructions
  • Lastly, you will reach to the password reset window for creating a new password

Using Registered Email

  • Visit the Apple account recovery web page first
  • Then enter your iCloud ID in the assigned box
  • Press continue, select the password reset option
  • Now account recovery window will open for you
  • Select the “get an email” option for recovery
  • Next, login to your recovery email to check messages
  • Open the email send by Apple, and copy the recovery code given inside it
  • Then, go to recovery window, and paste code in assigned field
  • Next, password reset window will open in the screen
  • Type a new password for iCloud twice and save it for later use

Therefore, you can simply perform the iCloud account recovery task without the security questions. Moreover, you can also get assistance of a technical expert from support team of Apple, if unable to perform the task successfully by yourself.

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It was my mistake i forgot my icloud id but thanks to your information it was not so hard to get my account back. Recovered my icloud account easily. 

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