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How easily could you take assistance from Google Customer Support!

Google is the leading search engine that anyone can use for searching the web. Nowadays everyone is using Google, no one can think without Google. It provides fantastic features to its user so that it has become popular in a very short period of time.

However, Google provides amazing features but still, it is not free from errors. When you use Google then sometimes, you may get some technical issues with it. To resolve all the technical issues, a user is required to take assistance from Google Customer Service. Google technicians are well qualified and will help you for providing the best and most efficacious support.

Here are some common issues which are faced by Google users are described below:-

  • How to recover the forgotten password of Google account?
  • What to do when you are unable to create an account on Google?
  • How may you use Gmail with the help of a Google account?
  • What to do when you are getting an Internal server error?
  • How to fix Youtube issues?
  • What to do when you are getting an issue in Google drive?

Why is Google App not working on Android?

Here we have presented a process that is backed by three simple steps. Before you follow the below-mentioned steps, update the ANDROID OS. Maybe the operating system of your Android mobile is not upgraded. Also, go for the up-gradation of the GOOGLE app.

  • 1. Open the HOME screen on your Android mobile
  • 2. Press and hold the power button
  • 3. Click the RESTART BUTTON immediately

The other thing you can to do is to navigate to the GOOGLE PLAY STORE app and click on MY APPS AND GAMES link. Removing the cache along with the Google app data from the Settings is also a proven method of dealing with the concerned problem. The re-installation is, however, the best possible thing you can do if Google App not working on Android.

How to Resolve Google Drive issue:-

No need to get worried if you are getting an issue as Temporary Error (502) in your Google Drive. It stands some of your documents are temporarily unavailable which is entitled to be resolved within a few minutes. If your documents are not visible even after the Google Drive loads correctly, click on ALL ITEMS or OWNED BY ME. Use offline mode if you are getting a message as TRYING TO CONNECT. It is because if a weaker internet connection.

How to recover the forgotten password of Google account?

Don't have access to the recovery phone numbers or recovery email for your Google account? You can still recover your forgotten password even if you don’t know any of these options. To do this, you are supposed to visit the Google Account Recovery page and manually verify the account ownership. Just click on the I DON’T KNOW option and choose to VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY. It will prompt you to answer the questions best to your knowledge. Google enables you to recover the lost account if your provided answers are accurate enough.

If you are getting any of the above issues then you do not need to be more panic, just need to take help from Google Customer Support. Google provides various ways to fix all the issues, you may use any support accordingly.

Here are some points are given below to contact the Google support team:-

With the help of a phone number: if you have the phone number of a Google technician then you may connect to the Google team through it. Google technician will provide you best solution for a call. They will receive your phone then identify your issue then rectify it.

With the help of websites: For this go to  Google official websites, where you need to choose the product in which you are getting issue then you will get help and support, you need to type the error what you're getting then click on the submit button. Google technicians will render the perfect answer.

Through Help forum: There is so many help forum is available on the internet which you can see for getting the answer to your query. In this help forum, a user may get the solution which is provided through Google support to its user.

To know more about the Google product and services, the user is required to call on the Google Support Phone Number. This is a toll-free number that can be easily accessible through websites of Google. You may call at any time on this number as this number remains active all the time.


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