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Roku streaming player shares a large collection of audio and video available by the developer of that channel, such as Netflix, The Roku Channel, or YouTube and so on. The streaming player is designed in a unique way just to play video at the highest quality given the good content, with the good speed of internet and desired features of your TV. Mostly streaming devices give you the benefit of search facility, but Roku has the distinctive search function. You can quickly and easily search for movies and shows across Netflix, Amazon and so on.

Some issues being faced by using the Roku streaming player:

  • Issues with poor quality videos
  • Videos slow to start
  • While using the purple screen turns up
  • Issues with frequent buffering
  • Specific videos not working
  • Issues to play any video on single channel

When to contact Ruko Tech Support:

They play a very important role in the life of the user whenever there are issues and they are unable to fix it by themselves so there comes the requirement of the technical support and for this, the need derives of the Ruko Tech Support with which the issues can easily sort.

Ways to resolve channels playback issues:

There are some ways for identifying and resolving the channel playback issues:

  • Go with playing another video from that channel. Suppose one video is played properly with this channel and the other are not being played then contact the customer support.
  • If the channel is mentioning about the subscription, such as Netflix, be assured that you have logged-in or linked channel to the subscription account. In some situations, you may require a link for the channel using your details from cable or satellite TV just follow the on-screen instructions otherwise contact customer support.

Methods to solve the Wi-fi connection issues:

If the Roku player is not getting connecting to WiFi, it might possibilities:

  • that the signal from the router is not in range. In order to strengthen the signal, change the position of the router and Roku so that there are fewer objects and walls in between for disruption.
  • You should not prefer keeping the router in the basement, close to the window, or near other electronics that may interfere with the signal.
  • Do not place the Roku device or the router in enclosed areas that can block the signal.
  • One should also re-arrange the router’s antennas towards the device.
  • The most reliable connection, you can connect the Roku directly to the router with an Ethernet cable.

What is the role of Roku Customer Service:

Roku Customer Service is designed only for the customer as in the case where the issue is not easy to resolve at the end of the user but still, the user can get in contact with the Roku customer service as they are the best people to sort the issue.

Facing issues with Low video quality:

To strengthen the connectivity between both of them, place your Roku to an above area or away from any other devices that may be interfering with the connection.

In some situations, if the remote control is not responding:

  • Batteries need to be replaced or changed
  • Pairing issues
  • Both the Roku and the remote needs a restart
  • Remote needs to be cleared

The need of Roku Customer Support:

As the customer is using the Roku player the customer knows only the basic or few functions of the system which is not easy for them to understand so with the help of the Roku customer support who are there to help the user available every time when the user requires.

How to resolve in case the Application is crashing:

  • Bugged Applications

  • Roku Firmware out of date




Ways to fix Updating the errors:

  • Firewall is Blocking the Connection with the Roku 3 Update Server

  • TV not communicating with Roku update server 

Easy availability of the Roku Phone number:

Roku Phone number is mentioned so that the user can connect to the technical team and the technical team is well qualified and well experienced too because of which the user can easily sort all the user’s queries and then the customer is present with the customer support till the solution is made

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