How to Setup Lexmark Printer on a Wireless Network

How to setup Lexmark Printer on a wireless network?

Lexmark printer does all the printing works of the user efficiently with easy installation of the printer device. Lexmark printer has the latest technology to incorporate the printing work with easy installation of the printer drivers. New users often look for Lexmark printer setup steps on a wireless network and this article will provide the necessary steps.

Here are the steps to install the printer on a wireless network –

  • Make sure that the wireless network is setup properly before installing the printer on a wireless network.
  • Connect the power cable to the printer along with the grounded electrical outlet. Turn on the printer device.
  • Insert the installation software and click ‘Install’. Now follow the on-screen instructions as prescribed.
  • When asked to choose the connection type, select ‘Wireless Connection’ and from the Wireless Connection dialog box select ‘Guided Setup (Recommended)’.
  • Using the USB cable connect the computer and the printer temporarily.
  • Follow the prescribed instructions and correctly setup the printer.

Also the computer needs to be configured correctly to use the printer wirelessly. Here are the steps –

  • Insert the printer driver first and double click on the installer package. Follow the instructions and select the destination. Click ‘Continue’ to move further and for easy installation click ‘Install’. Now type the password and click ‘OK’.
  • Next add the printer. For that go to ‘System Preferences’ and choose ‘Print & Fax’. Click on the ‘+’ button and then click on the ‘IP’ tab. Type the IP address of the printer and click ‘Add’.
  • Now as both the setup and connection is done, try printing out pages with print test.

Before installation user should make sure that the connection cables and other devices are ready to use without any concern. Also, make sure that the user have correct setup CD of the printer.

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